Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Regurgitated Stolen Rants

The every day regurgitated postings of Greg Lance-Watkins is becoming somewhat mundane and tiresome but it shows that he has nothing new to write and so the constant repetitive rants is all he can muster.

Again he is asking for evidence from a supporter on YouTube and attacks this innocent person with abusive comments and put downs. As 'Justice' has stated before, supporters are not privy to such evidence and his harassment and abusive manner are now at their peak and no-one escapes the malicious vindictive opinions of self acclaimed master of bullshit.

If Watkins is determined to see the evidence then maybe he should be asking Anne Greig and Robert Green to provide it, but then, cowards don't go straight to the source and his main agenda is merely to discredit supporters and beat them down and is an underhanded tactic to gain information to give him something new to write.

As it stands, Watkins has no information or evidence and uses FaceBook supporters comments to fill his nasty blog with because he can't come up with anything new. When reading his postings you just have to scan it over, there is nothing new there, all predictable rantings of a desperate mad man scrapping at the bottom of the barrel for mere scraps you would throw to a mangy dog barking up the wrong tree.

The repetitive insults and accusations are just about laughable and one has to remember that Watkins has never met any supporter or HG herself to validate his accusations. Undermining every supporter and labelling them the 'lynch mob' and the 'braying mob' where there is no evidence of this and the derogatory insults are used at every opportunity as is his running commentary on certain individuals that he has no knowledge of and so his rantings are based on his opinions and assumptions and with "no admissible substantive evidence". Watkins fails in the intellect department which obviously originates from the very depth of a toilet bowl.

Perhaps a slot on the children's program Jackanory would be more suited to Watkins with his childish rantings and a knack for 'story' telling rather than the grown up world of adults where he fails to get his ten minutes of fame.

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