Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Word Manipulation Designed To Intimidate

Word manipulation designed to intimidate and undermine someone is a tactic used on a regular basis by Greg Lance-Watkins used in the hope of overpowering anyone who does not agree with his opinion or agenda.

The tactics of deceit, manipulation and control are a steady diet for covert-aggressive personality, it's the only way Watkins can deal with others in a situation he has no control over.
His everyday over usage of exaggerated words is to simply distract, confuse and intimidate you into thinking that he is highly intellectual.

One can only assume that a thesaurus is being used as he searches for words that are manipulative, intimidating but infrequently used in every day language but they fall short of their task as his spelling and grammar are on the level of a 10yr old and yet he berates anyone who dares make the same mistake which is highly hypocritical and laughable considering that Blogger has a spellchecker which he fails to use.

Watkins aggression was not obvious in the beginning and seemed genuinely supportive of HG until he decided that there was no admissible evidence based on his opinion and became a doctor overnight to diagnose Anne Greig with Munchhausen by proxy and with severe mental health issues. Your gut may tell you that he's fighting for something as he struggles to overcome supporters of HG and gain power, to have his way, and you find yourselves unconsciously on the defensive. But because he can't point to clear, objective evidence he is aggressing against you.

The tactics he uses, insults, personal attacks, verbal abuse, slander, mocking are merely ploys to intimidate, manipulate and overpower you into submission making them highly effective psychological weapons to which anyone can be vulnerable. When engaging in this tactic, he actively ignores the warnings, pleas or wishes of others, and in general, refuses to pay attention to everything and anything that might distract him. He's an expert at knowing how to change the subject, dodge the issue or in some way throws a curve. It's merely a distraction and a diversion technique to keep the focus off his behavior, move you off-track, and keep himself free to promote his self-serving hidden agendas.

Watkins technique of using sarcasm and put-downs as a means of increasing fear and self-doubt in others is an every day occurrence and has become an obsession. Covert-aggressor's use this tactic to make others feel inadequate or unworthy, and therefore, defer to them. It's an effective way to foster a continued sense of personal inadequacy in the weaker party, thereby allowing an aggressor to maintain a position of dominance.

Vilifying the victim
is another tactic he frequently uses in conjunction with the tactic of playing the victim role. He tried to use this tactic to make it appear he is only responding (i.e. defending himself against) aggression on the part of the victim to gain sympathy and evoke compassion. One thing that covert-aggressive personalities count on is the fact that less calloused and less hostile personalities usually can't stand to see anyone suffering. Therefore, the tactic is simple. Convince your victim you're suffering in some way, and they'll try to relieve your distress. But on this occasion, this tactic backfired.

All this adds up to is a feeble attempt to discredit and create chaos, divide HG supporters causing suspicion and deliberate anarchy, another well known tactic of a shill. For all his outlandish comments and accusations that supporters are abusers, paedophiles and liars, it is Watkins himself who has a criminal record for firearms possession and an abuser of the highest standard. He has proven time and time again to be the liar and the instigator who thinks nothing of betraying anyone he comes into contact with and uses for his own selfish means and sick fantasies.

Watkins is nothing more than a school yard bully throwing a tantrum, albeit his behaviour is escalating due to the fact that he realises the people he is attacking are much stronger, more capable than he bargained for and regardless of what he throws at them they band together and unite which riles him further as he is fully aware that he has no such support, bar a possible two individuals that are just as untrustworthy, mentally or psychologically impaired as he is.

At the end of the day Watkins is grasping at straws which is clearly evident in the past few weeks which saw him stooping to the lowest level possible. As his accusations escalate and become more bizarre, it will be interesting to see what his next tactic or his next victim, will be.

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