Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Shill List Working Against Supporters

There are certain individuals who would have you believe that the vast majority of people do not believe the 'stories' of HG childhood abuse and that the people who support this cause are nothing more than abusers, paedophiles and liars.

We are all entitled to our own opinion, we have the right to express that opinion regardless if one disagrees.

Justice decided to compile a list of people actively and deliberately working against HG and her supporters, these people are also known as 'shills' that set out to discriminate, slander and verbally attack in the hope to cause disarray and doubt. After spending five hours going through files and online searching, there is now a complete list of active shills.

GREG LANCE-WATKINS - No surprises here then. His daily onslaught of abuse is wearing rather thin these days with his constant drone dalek like fashion. In desperate attempts to discredit everyone, he has resorted to trawling the internet looking for anyone that says anything positive and uses it to fill his blog with more droning and drivel. These ghastly attempts to keep this charade going are becoming more bizarre every day and more laughable than threatening. Watkins is entitled to disbelieve, but why set out to discredit and attack those who choose to believe? Is it merely for the fact that Anne Greig kicked him off the case and he went into a strop? Or is it because he really was a low life to begin with and has proven to be a liar time and time again making himself look foolish and desperate?

Watkins proved to be nothing more than a liar and hypocrite when his attempt to discredit individuals and accuse them of breaking confidentiality when he thinks nothing of doing so himself by publishing names without authorization of the people who were in his 'circle' and by all accounts there are only two. The publishing of emails which he edits to see fit is also a breach of confidentiality, unless the author of said emails gives permission to publish and unedited. He was also solely responsible for publishing the names of the paedophile ring and the victims but he claims it was at the insistence of Robert Green and Anne Greig. If Watkins had serious doubt about publishing the list then he should have refused to do so. But he made the choice and went ahead and breached confidentiality.

TOM GEORGE - Not so much as a shill online but recent offline activity revealed his behaviour and ongoing attempts to discredit the campaign. After stepping away in June, he would have you believe he wanted nothing more to do with it and would make no further comments. The last two weeks have shown this not to be true as he turns up like the proverbial bad penny. For all his pleading innocence it would seem, like Watkins, his name pops up whenever trouble rears its ugly head.

It would also seem he has more names than the seven dwarfs, and yet Watkins defends him for doing so and at the same time berates someone else for using a fake ID.

Tom George also thinks nothing of passing emails to others in his 'circle', edited and watered down versions like Watkins, breaching confidentiality. Again, spring to mind. He may have been a victim of an attack about twenty years ago, which by all accounts left him severely brain damaged according to Watkins. If this was the case, then why was he involved in such a sensitive case that required intellect and trust? Did he fool Robert Green and Anne Greig that he was the man for the job which entailed writing to authorities and MP's demanding a new enquiry into Hollie's abuse. Or was he using Hollie's case in the hope to highlight his own failing one?

Watkins and George are like two peas in a pod and their sole intention is to undermine Hollie Greig, Anne Greig, Robert Green and supporters. One has to wonder if in fact Hollie never got a new enquiry because of their involvement given their track record of failure.

As you can see, this is the entire list of shills which is laughable when Watkins will inform anyone who will dare to listen to him that there is an endless list of people actively involved in discrediting the campaign. Granted, there may be many who do not believe which is their right but the amount of people who do believe overshadows this.

Justice's conclusion is that Watkins resides in a bubble filled with hot air and nothing much else. His intellect is zero minus, his credibility non existent and his track record for lying is notorious.

If these two are all HG and supporters have to worry about, then they can sleep easy.

As always, Justice gives you the opportunity to add anything of value and importance to this article. If you have evidence of shills you can leave them in the comment box.

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