Friday, 22 October 2010

The Evidence Has Been Provided

Greg Lance Watkins believes himself to be a seeker of truth and has adopted a daily mantra: "Evidence, Evidence, Evidence", which is repeated over and over in a drone like fashion.

If evidence is Watkins priority, why does he fail to provide evidence against the people he has accused of defamation, becoming/are abusers, death threats, and a very long list of other accusations?

His daily rantings are based on nothing more than his opinion which is not evidence.

Justice Will Be Served can now provide the evidence that HG was sexually abused as a child

As this evidence contains many many pages, a direct link to the information will open in a new window.

The Hollie Greig Story - 20th July 2009 "In the summer of 2000, Hollie told her mother, Anne, that she had been repeatedly sexually abused by her father, Denis Charles Mackie and brother Greg. The abuse had begun when Hollie was just six years` old. Hollie said that Greg had also been abused by his father."

Aberdeen Paedophile Rape Ring Named At Public Meeting - 23th November 2009 "I will continue to pursue Ms Angiolini, Buchanan and others involved in this blatant Scottish Government and Crown Office cover up and conspiracy to defeat the ends of justice until the truth and justice prevails and justice is done ... and is seen to be done."

Paedophile Fiends In FerryHill - 30th December 2009 "I understand that this written warning has been circulating widely in Ferryhill and Aberdeen at large!"

Truthful Witness & Innocent Victim - 22nd April 2009 “Officers who have dealt with Hollie have taken the view she was a truthful witness to the best of her ability and an entirely innocent victim."

The Cover Up Begins - 13 March 2010 Hollie Greig & How it all came to light

Compensation - 17th November 2009 "It has been clearly stated by the authorities that Hollie Greig is an entirely credible and valid witness, a fact upheld and substantiated by the payment of 'Official Compensation'."

As you can see the evidence comes from Watkins himself, on his blog, posted by him and no other person which means he is solely responsible and held accountable for the content.

What this evidence above also means is fairly quite straightforward in that it clears everyone Watkins accused of publishing the names of the accused paedophiles and the named victims. It would appear that Mr Thomas George et al, was responsible for this disclosure, dated 23rd November 2009. Any mention of the Aberdeen paedophile ring before hand can not be found at this time, but if anyone can provide proof that it was, Justice will only be to happy to view the evidence and adjust this article accordingly.

Watkins has continued to claim that he published the names at the insistence of Robert Green and Anne Greig, trying to remove all accountability from himself. The sad fact remains, Stolen Kids is his blog, he published the material, which makes him solely accountable.

You will also note that Watkins has also amended the posts above after he was removed from the case by Anne Greig, at which point his vendetta truly began against anyone supporting HG and an onslaught of abuse to those who dare disagree with him.

It is only right to point out also that the people who support HG in her fight for justice on FaceBook groups, were not aware of HG until January 2010.

Justice also duly notes that Watkins has now changed the Stolen Kids signature from Hollie to Greg Lance-Watkins.

Justice also duly notes that if Watkins is adamant that HG was never abused, then why does he still tout all the information in his blog?

What They Are Trying To Suppress


  1. crown office & crown agents are involved with snuff films & paedophile rings : evidence at abeldanger

  2. GLW is not sure at all of his "Facts", as he states, "There seems to be NO admissable valid evidence substantiating the sexual abuse of Hollie Greig."

    You cannot use the word "Seems" and "NO" in the same sentence if you are absolutely sure of your facts.

    He's hedging his bets, and when Hollie finally gets her justice, he will then change it to, he knew all along.

    As I've said before, how can anyone be taken seriously, when they were 100% sure for the best part of a year, and party to evidence, then have a complete about face. GLW knows Hollie was abused.

  3. The reason GLW "changed his mind" is obvious. He was likely blackmailed for his own past dark deeds. Why else would he continue to abuse a poor little girl with Down Syndrome that was raped by a High-Level Pedophile ring? His hand has been clearly forced in this matter by TPTB. He is in my prayers.

  4. Today, GLW is slightly changing tact yet again.

    "No one can say Hollie has Never been abused - under law therefore one is obliged to state that since there is no valid admissable evidence there was no crime."

    No one can say Hollie has never been abused, your words GLW.

    Maybe tomorrow it will be, that he has said all along that Hollie was abused and no one listened to him.

    GLW knows that Hollie was abused.

  5. great blog , logical and profound

  6. Even his French connection Anna said that Hollie had been abused, well donr to Mr Drokton for being right all along , I may not agree with all he says but he was 100% right about Watkins and his cronies and is 100% with Hollie Greig