Sunday, 7 November 2010

Watkins The Class Room Dunce

Greg Lance-Watkins has finally revealed to all the extent of his education which has always been questionable and his latest barrage of insults and trying to undermine Hollie Greig's NVQ achievement sends him to the bottom of the class.

He has also revealed his lack of knowledge and understanding as to how the education system works, rendering his latest rant into another heap of bullshit that he spews with venom and utter hatred. (for a more accurate explanation of the system in Scotland, please read The Can of Worms latest post)

What is even more bizarre is his daily onslaught of insults aimed at Hollie's supporters with his vile derogatory repetitive attacks, his accusations against them including: "Self serving, dishonest, underhand, abusers, liars and crooks without ethics, morality, integrity or principles. Serial bullies and cowards dealing in lies" - GLW. - which is ironic as he goes on to defend his partner in crime Tom George, the scarlet pimpernel himself who has shown himself to be self serving, dishonest, underhanded, abuser, liar and crook without ethics, morality, integrity or principles, a serial bully and coward just like GLW himself.

Watkins has stated about Tom George that: "I pretty soon caught on he was in fact Mark Leask........" a blatant lie. Watkins has no information on Tom George and never has, he has no knowledge of what George claims that his own case is the biggest cover up story in Scottish history, without having a shred of evidence to back it up but he will try to convince those who will listen for all of five minutes and at the same time calls Anne Greig a liar. Mr George case is neither complex or a cover up, he refuses the help and then cries wolf. Pitiful. He is nothing more than a saboteur, bitter to the core and tried to use Hollie Greig's case to his own advantage.

Watkins has also lied about his use of the Zemanta app regarding an image he used against the so called lynch mob and Mr. Gabe Nelson. It was suggested this image was a direct threat to Mr. Nelson which of course Watkins denied and tried to explain Zemanta automatically inserts an image into an article which unsurprisingly is another blatant lie.

The Zemanta app will give suggested images depending on what an article is about. It does not auto insert the image, the image has to be selected for input. On completion of running a short test on the app which took all of five minutes, inputting 'lynch mob' the app gives up to forty images of people hanging from trees including the image Watkins used of the woman known as 'Laura Nelson'. If this was not a direct threat to Mr.Nelson then why use such an image to give that impression when there were other images readily available?

Continuing with the lies of Watkins, he is now stating that Miss Greig's mental age is somewhere in the region of a 4-6yr old after writing for months that it was more likely to be in the region of a 3yr old. The evidence is there for all to read on his gutter trash blog. Even more recently he now claims that "No one can say Hollie has Never been abused......" ?

He will tell you that all information he has provided on his blog was approved by Miss Greig, which is an astonishing claim to make considering he believes her mental age to be that of a 3yr old and that he had many conversation with her over the telephone, but also claims that she is unable to talk and communicate.

Well as it turns out Miss Greig can do more than communicate and earned herself a respectable NVQ, an achievement for someone who has down syndrome and Watkins degrades and undermines this by stating that: "NVQ's do not exist in Scotland" and that it "aligns her with axe murderers, rapists, and the educationally challenged who also get a vote! " What utter claptrap and shows Watkins education as non existant.

He also dismisses the fact that compensation is paid to victims because although there is not enough evidence for a conviction, it signifies abuse has occured. He also dismisses the police who have stated they believe Miss Greig was abused.

Munchausen by proxy syndrome (MBPS) is a relatively uncommon condition that involves the exaggeration or fabrication of illnesses or symptoms by a primary caretaker, deliberately makes another person (most often his or her own preschool child) sick or convinces others that the person is sick. The parent or caregiver misleads others into thinking that the child has medical problems. According to experts, common conditions and symptoms that are created or faked by parents or caregivers with MBPS include: failure to thrive, allergies, asthma, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and infections.

Considering that Miss Greig has down syndrome which is not a sickness but a condition, Watkins attack on Anne Greig insisting she suffers from MBPS, which was suggested to him by none other than his partner in crime, are indeed invalid and without foundation as Miss Greig shows no evidence of the above symptoms.

One final note about Watkins claims and so called explanation as to why he discontinued supporting the campaign: "Anne & Robert had clearly and frequently lied about material matters and had defamed me on a regular basis behind my back I ceased managing this web site FOR them." Anyone following this case are well aware that Anne Greig removed him from the campaign when Watkins himself began to throw insults and abuse aimed at Anne and her daughter.

"This site is not interested in 'Producing a Result' other than by presentation and debate of the so called evidence as provided to the public domain, primarily by Anne Greig, and discussion thereof to establish the TRUTH based upon FACTS to establish not only Justice but the clear British concept that 'Justice Must Be Seen To Be Done". GLW - Stolen Kids blogspot.

The only debate Watkins is interested in is his own unfounded opinions and abuse as his blog is closed to comments and so no debate or discussion is possible. This action shows what a coward and low life Watkins really is.

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