Friday, 7 January 2011

FACT: Greg Watkins Is An Abuser

Greg Watkins has proven once again that he is nothing more than a cowardly abuser, shill and low life degenerate with his latest rants and lies that even the devil himself would be proud of.

His claims to 'helping' abuse victims is somewhat questionable as there is not one piece or even a slither of solitary evidence to support this. However, there is a vast amount of evidence that he is an abuser which is available on his own cesspit bog.

His latest claim that he and his 'friend' were having a good old laugh for fifteen minutes regarding Matt Quinn's latest posting. One can only assume that Watkins 'friend' is non other than the 'Scarlet PIMPernel' himself rearing his vicious vindictive head once again. You don't need a degree to figure out why these two bitter and twisted abusers are 'friends' and why Hollie Greig never got the justice she so rightly deserves.

Instead, Watkins gets his cheap nasty thrills abusing victims and takes great pleasure in doing so and then claims he has helped many victims and anyone wishing to publicize their story only need to contact him and he will be quite happy to tell the world and post it on his bog, where he can then dissect, manipulate, abuse and discriminate with total disregard and without a shred of moral decency against the victim. This is how he helps victims.

Watkins, a convicted criminal and who downloads porn also claims to be a victim of abuse when he was a child. There is no such evidence of this and yet he expects the people he insults and abuses to believe him. Ironic. Don't you think? Where is your documented evidence Mr. Watkins? Have we just to take his word for it without physical, forensic, medical, contemporary or corroborated evidence while he continues to slander and abuse Hollie all over again?!

As he tries to encourage victims to his bog, please be aware that any contact you have with this devil spawn will be published along with personal details, your address, telephone number, email address, what you had for dinner last night, how much you pay for your weekly shop, right down to the last time you changed your bed sheets. He doesn't care that you are a victim. He has no interest in what you have suffered. He cares little about the trauma and continued battles you have daily and he will not hesitate in turning you from being a victim into an abuser, instead of a survivor.

We can clearly see he takes great pleasure and goes to great lengths to mock and ridicule victims. All the evidence is on his bog. It is also clear and an established fact that he is a convicted criminal, a proven liar, shill and is indeed the dirty old man standing on street corners flashing to anyone who happens to glance his way. He trolls the Internet looking for his next victim(s) just to get is days worth of jollies and then laugh and snicker along with his bum chum. A paedophile ring in the making.

If you want the true facts on Watkins then please do visit:

Greg Lance-Watkins......The man who duped Robert Green.

There you will find all the established facts and information to guard yourself against Watkins the abuser.

God bless victims, survivors & supporters in the fight against child abuse.

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